Have You Paid The ICO’s Data Protection Fee?

The Information Commissioner’s Office has announced they are contacting all UK registered companies to remind them of their legal responsibility to pay the data protection fee. Organisations processing personal information are required to pay this fee unless they are exempt and companies who don’t register face a potential fine of £4,350.

How much will you need to pay and how you can make the payment?

The cost of your data protection fee depends on the size and turnover of your organisation. There are three tiers of fees ranging from £40 to £2900. For most organisations, it will be either £40 (tier 1) or £60 (tier 2). Some organisations like charities and small occupational pension schemes will only pay £40 regardless of their size and turnover.

Get in contact with us to find out if your organisation needs to pay the fee and how much. We’ll guide you through the payment and let you know if your organisation is exempt.

Why you should pay the fee         

The data protection fee was introduced in May 2018 and over 600,000 organisations have registered to pay it. But there are approximately 4.2 million limited companies registered in the UK. This means that companies are either not aware they need to pay the fee or are simply avoiding it.

Not only is the fee legally mandatory, it also gives your business access to a range of services and support the ICO provides to help organisations comply with GDPR. Paying the fee will also help you to preserve your businesses’ reputation as a responsible data controller. The ICO publishes the names of fee-paying organisations as well as the names of organisations they need to fine. Featuring on the fee-paying page will boost your customer’s, client’s and supplier’s trust and confidence in the way you process personal information. Conversely, not paying the fee could have a detrimental impact on your organisation’s reputation.

Aside from the reputational impact, there is a monetary fine for not paying the fee. Between 1 July and 30 September 2019, the ICO issued 340 monetary penalties to organisations that had not paid the data protection fee. The maximum penalty for non-payment is £4350.

Considering these reasons, it is worth finding out how much you need to pay or if your fee is due for renewal (the data protection fee is a yearly registration fee).

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