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One Year On – What Is GDPR and How Does It Affect Your Organisation?

What is GDPR?  The General Data Protection Regulation popularly known as GDPR is a data privacy law that gives people more control over personal or sensitive information companies hold over them. The regulation (which became enforceable from May 2018) holds individuals and companies accountable for the use and processing of personal data. It applies to everyone that processes the personal data of EU citizens irrespective of location. What falls under personal data? Personal data is any information that could be
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Boris Johnson’s Campaign Accused of GDPR Breach

Boris Johnson’s ‘Back Boris’ campaign team has been accused of breaching the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by sending campaign emails without consent. Foreign Office minister Harriet Baldwin and Ben Howlett, a former MP for Bath have asked the Chairman of the Conservative Party, Brandon Lewis to launch an inquiry into data protection regulation breaches. This follows complaints from the pair on receiving emails from Johnson’s campaign team despite not opting in to receive communications. The pair reportedly signed up
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King’s College London Breached GDPR by Sharing Student Information with the Police

An independent review of King’s College London’s (KCL) security practices has found the university guilty of breaching GDPR regulations and its own data protection policy when it disclosed the personal information of student activists to the Metropolitan Police.  Prior to a visit by the Queen, KCL’s head of security gathered information of students from protests outside an event being held by the Israel society and handed the list of names to the Police. Correspondence between the head of security and
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British Airways Faces a Record £183 Million Fine over Data Breach

British Airways is facing a record £183 million fine from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for failing to protect the personal data of over 500,000 customers in a data breach that occurred in 2018. Personal information such as customer logins, payment card details, names, addresses and travel booking information were accessed during the hack. Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham said, “People’s personal data is just that – personal. When an organisation fails to protect it from loss, damage or theft, it
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What Is a Data Protection Officer and Does Your Charity Need One?

Every charity processes personal data, whether this is the personal information of donors, staff members or volunteers. To comply with GDPR, ICO issued guidance recommends for charities to appoint or outsource the role of a Data Protection Officer (DPO).  What is the role of a data protection officer?  A Data Protection Officer is an independent expert who is responsible for monitoring an organisation’s compliance with GDPR. The responsibilities of a DPO cover the following:  To inform and advise on data
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