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YouTube GDPR Violation

YouTube Faces £2.5 Billion Lawsuit Over Breach Of Children’s Data Rights

A British father of three, Duncan McCann is suing YouTube on behalf of 5 million British children. The class-action lawsuit alleges that YouTube violates the privacy and data rights of children under the age of 13. A Violation of GDPR?  Recital 38 of GDPR says that “children merit specific protection when their personal data is used for the purposes of marketing because they may be less aware of the risks, consequences and safeguards concerned.” At the heart of this lawsuit
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Wales Data Breach

Wales Accidentally Publishes Personal Data of 18,000 Coronavirus Patients

The personal details of over 18,000 patients who tested positive for Coronavirus have been exposed in a data breach in Wales. The breach happened when a staff at the Public Health of Wales was uploading data to the Tableau software used by the health authority. Rather than posting on an internal server, the information was accidentally posted on a public-facing server.  The data was publicly available from 2 pm on 30 August until 9.50 am the following morning. During that
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ICO Children Code

Improve Privacy Protection For Children or Risk Heavy Fines – ICO Issues Warning To Companies

The ICO’s Children Code (a regulation with enhanced privacy protections for children) has come into force in the UK. Companies providing online services and products to children under the age of 18 have one year to improve their privacy practices or risk heavy fines from the ICO.  The statutory code which went into effect on September 2 limits the amount of data online services can collect from children. It covers all services that design, develop or provide online services that
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Morgan Stanley Data Breach

Morgan Stanley Faces $5 Million Lawsuit Over Data Breach

Morgan Stanley is facing a $5 million lawsuit for not protecting the information of clients when old computer equipment was disposed of. According to the suit, Morgan Stanley failed to scrub personally identifiable information from the computers and failed to alert affected customers in due time. Who is suing? Timothy Smith, a retired accountant and former client of Morgan Stanley, is leading the suit on behalf of 100 customers affected by the data breach. The affected customers are afraid their
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Data Breach

3 Things You Must Do If Your Personal Information Has Been Leaked In A Data Breach

What are the chances your personal data will be exposed in a data breach? Turns out, the probability is quite high. According to CSIS research, Two thirds of the people online have had their records stolen or compromised. Here are some notable ones that could have affected you. Earlier in the year, EasyJet announced that the personal information of millions of customers was exposed in a data breach. The hacked information included full names, email addresses and travel data. The
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