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Ticketmaster Feature Image

Ticketmaster Hit With £1.25m GDPR Fine Over Data Breach

The ICO has fined Ticketmaster £1.25 million over a data breach that happened in 2018. The cyberattack affected the payment information of more than nine million customers. How the breach happened A vulnerability in a third party chatbot allowed hackers to gain access to Ticketmaster’s payment page. As a result, the payment details (card numbers, expiry dates and CVV numbers) of customers were exposed. James Dipple-Johnstone, Deputy Commissioner at the ICO said: Ticketmaster should have done more to reduce the
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Political Parties ICO Warning

UK Political Parties Must Improve Data Protection Practices, ICO Warns

The ICO’s audit of major political parties in the UK has revealed significant failings and lack of compliance with data protection rules. After concerns were raised in 2018, the audit was launched to shed light on how political parties in the UK handle voter’s information. The political parties audited for the report include the Conservative party, the Labour Party, Liberal Democrats, the Scottish National Party (SNP), Plaid Cymru, United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) and the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP). Key
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Data Breach

7 Things You Must Do After A Data Breach

When a company or organisation you deal with has suffered a data breach, it’s important for you to take steps to protect yourself.   A data breach occurs when someone unauthorised is able to access your personal data. It can be caused by an internal mistake or an external attack. For example, a staff member at the Public Health of Wales accidentally published the personal details of over 18,000 Coronavirus patients on a public server instead of a private server. In
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H&M Fine

H&M Hit With €35 Million GDPR Fine Over Unlawful Employee Monitoring

H&M was recently hit with a €35 million fine for unlawful surveillance of their employees. According to Hamburg’s Data Protection Authority, H&M collected and used private information about employees at a customer service centre in Nuremberg. What information was collected? The investigation confirmed that H&M superiors collected and stored the following information: Details about vacation and illness: “Welcome Back” talks were held by team leaders whenever employees came back from vacation or sick leave. This allowed them to make a note
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YouTube GDPR Violation

YouTube Faces £2.5 Billion Lawsuit Over Breach Of Children’s Data Rights

A British father of three, Duncan McCann is suing YouTube on behalf of 5 million British children. The class-action lawsuit alleges that YouTube violates the privacy and data rights of children under the age of 13. A Violation of GDPR?  Recital 38 of GDPR says that “children merit specific protection when their personal data is used for the purposes of marketing because they may be less aware of the risks, consequences and safeguards concerned.” At the heart of this lawsuit
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