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Kazient was formed by Data Protection experts who realised that there was a real demand for proficient and reliable compliance experts. These experts developed their Data Protection understanding and knowledge in banking and finance, but noticed that many SMEs were found wanting when it came to matters of Data Protection.

Since the company was formed, our Data Protection and GDPR consultants have consulted on a vast number of projects in a range of environments and jurisdictions. So, we have real experience of offering real and practicable advice when it comes to Data Protection. But we do not simply offer advice, we offer actual benefit to your company by passing on our Data Protection knowledge and skills. We avoid complexities and always aim to break Data Protection laws down so that they are simple and easily digestible.








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Data Protection and GDPR consultant in Uk. More freedom with Kazient More Freedom

There is a lot of complex regulation governing data, so much so that it can be hard for companies to understand what course of action they should or could take. By taking advantage of our services we can clearly point out what can and cannot be done or how it can be done, when it comes to the data you process.

Once your company has a totally clear picture of what is permitted and how, it can take the most appropriate course of action – knowing that it is acting in a way that is legally compatible. 


Data Protection and GDPR consultant in Uk and London


Data Protection and GDPR consultant in Uk. more revenue with Kazient

  More Revenue

It may be hard to appreciate how being compliant to Data Protection regulations can generate more income. However, there are a myriad number of ways that mishandling data can impact on your business.

You could be penalised and incur a fine for not protecting customer data. You could find a data breach, which will eat up employee time. Or you may reach an impasse with a supplier because you have conflicting answers when it comes to Data Protection.

All of these problems can be avoided with expert opinion and guidance from our Data Protection and GDPR consultants.



More revenue from our Data Protection and GDPR consultant in Uk


Data Protection and GDPR consultant in Uk. A happy business with Kazient privacy expert

 More Happiness

By having a clear understanding of what to do and how to it should be done– time and effort is saved. So, you can get back to doing what you do best, as opposed to worrying about Data Protection issues.


More happiness from our Data Protection and GDPR consultant in Uk




Case Study

In May, the question arose over what legal basis companies could use for certain processing of customer data in the future. Many companies decided to proceed by asking their entire database of customers for consent – by inviting them to respond to an email.

We advised our clients, that this was not necessarily the best approach and suggested that, they had alternative legal basis such as legitimate interest that could be relied upon and that it would be more productive for companies to ask their customers if they would like to opt out of having their data processed in this way.

In the former, companies found that no more than 7% of respondents gave their consent – wiping out 93% of their database for future marketing. Whereas, with the companies we advised, they found that 2% opted out – so 98% of customers allowed their data to be used by the company going forward. 


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