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Making Data Protection Easy

Data Protection regulations are often misunderstood and hard to decipher. The vast array of procedures and laws that govern Data Protection are so obscure that many companies become paralyzed – unsure in which direction they should go.

Kazient is an expert team of Data Protection and GDPR consultants who will guide and assist you through the Data Protection quagmire. With our assistance your company will have more freedom to operate, safe in the knowledge that your operations are compliant and legally defensible.

Kazient was formed in response to the high demand for competent compliance solutions and we offer a range of services to assist companies in navigating through Data Protection regulations. Our consultants have vast experience in the field, and have worked on a number of projects across a range of industries including Banking, Asset Management, Investment Management and the Charity Sector.

Please take a look at our services to find out how we can assist your organisation with our Data Protection and GDPR consultants.

Data Protection and GDPR consultant in Uk, making data protection easy 



Data Protection and GDPR consultant in Uk. Kazient Privacy experts  Our Services


Expert Opinions

There are a range of laws that govern Data Protection and it is inevitable that new rules will be passed in the future.

Your organisation will maintain and manipulate data, and it is natural that in the everyday functions and operations of your business that these laws become applicable. If you act incorrectly, this could have serious implications on your company.

At Kazient we can draw upon our expert knowledge to provide you with the best guidance to ensure your company is protected when it does act.

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When issuing privacy notices, policy documents, process documents and subject requests it is vital that they are fit for purpose and error free. 

If these documents are worded even slightly incorrectly, this can have severe implications for the future.

Ensuring that these documents are effective but also flawless is a service that we can provide.

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Gap Analysis

Many companies find that they are seriously lacking when it comes to complying with relevant Data Protection laws.

This is even more so when you take into account the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into effect in May 2018. With gap analysis, we can pinpoint the areas you need to improve and introduce best practices to quickly bring you up to speed so that your company is well protected for the future.

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Incident Response Management

If your company has suffered a data breach, there are strict parameters and timeframes to which you must abide by.

If your company is slow to act, this can exacerbate the problem. At Kazient, we will swiftly act to minimise the impact of the breach and guide you with the most appropriate next steps.

We can assist you to discover how the breach occurred, how to fix the breach and identify future processes to ensure that nothing similar occurs again. Please call us if you require an urgent response from our Data Protection and GDPR consultants.

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We provide training for everyone who handles personal data in your organisation which are all about keeping personal data safe and protecting the interests of the people whose data it is.

If you would like to improve your organisations knowledge of best practices, we can visit your business premises or you can attend one of our training venues.

We can provide general Data Protection awareness appropriate for all employees, or we can provide intensive training for higher management – it all depends on your needs and how we can support you – all our training solutions are tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.

Get in touch for more information about our Data Protection and GDPR consultancy.

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Data Protection and GDPR consultant in Uk. GDPR Training



Similar to gap analysis, we can analyse your business operations to create a Data Protection audit.

Through this, we can identify strengths and weaknesses in processes and suggest improvements so that your company is well evidenced, prepared and justified in future operations.

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Data Protection and GDPR consultant in Uk. Data protection officers

Data Protection Officers

If you are looking to be totally safeguarded when it comes to Data Protection regulations, you could benefit from our Data Protection Officer service.

Many organisations are bound by law to appoint a Data Protection expert who will ensure that the company observe and adhere to Data Protection laws. However, sometimes it is just not justifiable or productive to employ a full-time Data Protection Officer.

When a company needs our assistance due to a Data Breach or for operational guidance, this can be reactive or is piecemeal. As your outsourced Data Protection Officer, we can guide, train and assist, so that your company operates at the optimum level when it comes to Data Protection. By providing an all-encompassing service, we can empower your company so it always well prepared for what lays ahead. 

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Vendor Management

Your organisation may have a vast range of relationships and dealings with other organisations. Ensuring correct Data Protection Agreements and processes becomes a lot more complicated when third parties are involved.

In every contract there needs to be provisions on Data Protection so that it is clear how an individual’s data can be collected, processed and kept secure.

We can provide you with knowledge and guidance of best practices and negotiate with vendors and suppliers on your behalf to ensure your company is well protected for the future.

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Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA)

Recent regulations have declared that when your company creates a new process or operation, you need to conduct a DPIA to highlight the impact this process will have on the data you process.

We can work with you to create these assessments and give you the knowledge to continue providing DPIAs for any new business developments.

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Data Flow Mapping

Organisations are legally obliged to map their data flows to assess their privacy risks.

You need to be aware of what personal data you process and ensure this processing is in accordance with the law.

As organisations often process much more data than they realise, it’s important to implement data flow maps.

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